Automatic Group and Retrieved Properties

(imported topic written by Lynnicus)

I have created an

automatic group

to show me all of the computers in my site that have Deep Freeze installed on them and are in a maintenance mode, based on this relevance:

"DF Status" of key 
"HKLM\Software\Faronics\Deep Freeze 6" of registry as string contains 
"Maintenance mode")

The group shows that 308 computers match this relevance statement. When I look at the list of computers in the group, one of the columns that I have displaying is the “Deep Freeze Status”, which should all say “Maintenance mode”. However, many systems do


have that listed but instead say “Frozen”. See the attached screen shot snippet.

Apparently the

automatic group

is not dynamically updating as often as the retrieved property gets updated. How often do the

automatic groups

update? Is it configurable? Or am I not understanding how an

automatic group


Please help.