Automatic Computer Group Issue

BigFix 9.5.9 on Windows

I have created a few automatic computer groups to manage HW and SW scan tasks in ILMT as described below:

  1. Created 7 automatic computer groups from A - G (ComputerGroupA - G).

  2. Created 1 automatic computer group called NoComputerGroupAssigned to handle all newly registered BES clients without any computergroup assigned yet.

  3. Created a custom computer properties called “ComputerGroup” and assigned BES clients to each 7 computer groups (A - G). Everything is working fine.

  4. The “NoComputerGroupAssigned” computer group will manage all the newly registered BES client without computer group assigned yet. This works well.

  5. I submitted a task called “HW scan” to “NoComputerGroupAssigned” computergroup using Dynamically target by property option. Everything works great whenever a BES client is part of this group, the action executed.

  6. However, the issue is after a BES client has assigned to ComputerGroupA (after already executed “HW scan” action as example and it should no longer be a member of this NoComputerGroupAssigned, why this BES client is still listed in this “HW scan” action. I would expect this BES client is no longer listed in this “HW scan” action as it is no longer part of this “NoComputerGroupAssigned” group.

It seems to me that this “HW scan” action has already submitted and it is just keeping the history of this BES client. Is that true? My concern is that if this “HW scan” action has configured to reapply multiple times when it becomes relevant, will this action continue to re-apply to this BES client eventhough it is no longer part of the “NoComputerGroupAssigned”? Can you confirm this as I have yet tested.

So the question is after an action is submitted to a computergroupA, if a bes client from computergroupA migrated to computergroupB afterward, will that action for computergroupA still run for that bes client after moved to computergroupB?

I expect the list of applicable computers in a submitted action should be constantly updated if a bes client is no longer be part of the computergroupA so that this action won’t continue to run. But I am not seeing this expectation from my end as I am still seeing a bes client referenced to this submitted action after migrated to computergroupB. If this action happens to have retry interval configured, it will continue to execute on this besclient even it is no longer part of the computergroupA.

Any inputs on this topic is greatly appreciated.