Automatic computer group - AD\AAD based


I’m using automatic computer groups in BigFix that are based on AD group membership.

I understand that the BigFix client register to the automatic membership once it is communicating with AD and ensure the AD group membership.
Our AD environment is available only from LAN so clients of machines that are at home (or no at LAN) will not be able to register with the automatic group.

I wonder if there is an option for the BigFix client to check AAD group membership or any other idea that I can use to ensure automatic membership based on AD\AAD.

Please suggest your ideas :slight_smile:

How can that be accomplished without BigFix?

If you are familiar with the process and have results generated to a file, BigFix can be used to leverage that process, generate the output, and create client settings based on the outcome.

later you can use that result to bind in form of Retrieved property & create computer groups directly.

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We have the same need and created the following idea:

BigFix Integration with Entra ID (AzureAD)

It is my understanding this can be done if you use BigFix MCM but we use Intune.

@Roee, you can inspect AD computer groups. Here is something to get you started. Adapt to your use case.

unique values of values of components whose (type of it="CN") of distinguished names (distinguished names of (groups of local computer of active directory))
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