Auto delete old off computer and auto deploy client

Hi all ,
Please need solution for , auto delete old off computer form server database for EX machine with last report last 1 month, to get accurate report for
current machine , and auto deploy client for new machine without use
deployment tool.

Any Help for above .

To automatically remove computers after a period of not reporting, you are looking for the “Computer Remover” tool. The link takes you to a page where you can download the utility.

I currently use it to remove computers that have not reported for 90 days, then I Purge those older than 180 days.

Thanks for reply , about computer remover i found this app in Bigfix labs Module in content and setup it with default values this mean any computer expired removed automatic from console then database or need to download tool manually and use above command in link ( please see the pic )

Try …!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/TEM%20Computer%20Remover

There are also these 3 advanced options of the BESAdmin tool.




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What version of BES Server supports these options?
I do not see them mentioned in documentation prior to 9.2.
I’ve applied them on a 9.0 server and they do not work.

Unfortunately I do not have a 9.2 server to install them on for testing.


You are correct. These Advanced Deployment Options were added as of version 9.2.3.

Starting with 9.2.3, you can begin to leverage these Advanced Deployment Options. Otherwise, the Computer Remover referenced by @TimRice can be used to clean up older computer data in both current as well as older versions of BigFix.

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Where is the documentation on these new items?


@jgstew they have been documented in the official manuals for BigFix platform version 9.2 under the installation guide, in a subsection of the administration tool titled “advanced options”.
unfortunately they sound documented in the linux form only, also in the windows installation section. :frowning:
BTW There is a good explanation of their behavior there and also the developerworks wiki page of the utility download section points this out (url to official doc too!).

In anycase the utility still can have a usage to remove from console visibility duplicate computers based on a property or on a list of computernames.

Can you provide links for all of those things you just mentioned?

This seems to be one of them:

the official documentation link is the one you already posted.

The developerworks URL is here:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/BES%20Computer%20Remover