Audit Reports check

Our Client recently upgraded the ILMT version to 9.2. This new version runs on a different OS and the audit reports look completely different so we would like for someone to validate the reports. I would appreciate any help you can give. I am trying to upload the reports and xls that my client has shared. But i am unable to upload the same.

That information is pretty sensitive. You should open a PMR to share it privately with IBM.

Thanks, I will do that. But i was under the impression that for ILMT related issues we are not supposed to open PMR’s now.

To be clear, I do not work for IBM or BigFix in any capacity, I don’t know their policies. I only mean to suggest that uploading your software inventory here would contain some sensitive information that you probably shouldn’t make public.

I recently worked with IBM support on an ILMT issue-- I cannot imagine that they wouldn’t support the platform.

That is weird because just now i tried to create a PMR and I got unknown error in their site for ILMT 9.2.

Try calling:

Thanks, i will try that !