Audit log for Basline changes

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Is there a way to look at the history of changes made to a baseline? Specifically, which console operator has made additions/deletions and what tasks/fixlets have been added/removed? I am looking for log entries or an SQL query that might provide this information.

We have a stuation where a baseline was updated, then applied to a series of computers. The operatior who applied the action did not realize that prior to his change, another task had been added to the baseline that removed some software from client machines. When the issue was discovered, the action was stopped and the offending task was removed from the baseline. So, the last modified field of the baseline has thus been updated a number of times since the offending fixlet (task) was added to the baseline.

I don’t see any indication of log files on the server that might contain this information and I do not see any SQL table that stands out as to have the baseline information.


I did find this article:
Audit Logs
which provides some information. It looks like the entries in the
table are indications of when each entry was last updated. Whether there is a tie-in to another table, or if other columns hold information about the changes to the named items, is the question.

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We export all content ( Tasks, Fixlets, Analyses, Baselines ) as xml .BES files and check them into GIT source control daily using the REST API. Only the items that have been changed get checked in to the commit, so you can see the adds/deletions/modifications that were made. This provides both a backup and an audit trail.