Assets with <not reported> properties when data is really available

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We are experiencing an odd issue with the BES Console where new assets are reporting multiple properties as "

" until they are actually opened, at which point the missing property data magically appears for that asset and is sorted appropriately in the Computers ListView. This is happening on multiple Consoles on multiple Servers running v7.0.7. The default property data which is missing varies considerably by asset, but Computer Name, OS, Locked, BES Relay Selection Method and Total Size of System Drive are always “”. Others such as User Name, CPU, Relay, RAM and Subnet Address are occasionally reported while Last Report Time and Free Space on System Drive are always reported. The temporary fix is relatively simple as we can simply select the offending assets and then right mouse click to Open them, however there is obviously an underlying issue to address. Has anyone experienced the same issue?

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Hey Rodney, could you try a few things and help us with your observations?

  1. What data caching policy are you using? Does the behavior change if you use a different policy?

  2. If you clear the cache and reload the console, does that change things?

  3. If you right-click on the column headings and choose not to view a property with values and then re-enable it, do the results appear?

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Hi Tyler,

Caching policy is set to default, namely “Keep full cache on disk” with “Moderate Expiration”. I will try out your suggestions over the next 24 hours and report back :slight_smile:



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Ok … clearing the Console cache does cause the ""s to populate properly. Hiding and then re-showing columns has no effect.


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I have similar problem. When I send task, few computers i have , I clear cache and reload console but doesn’t work. I observe that all computers on which i have don’t have BES Root Server records. How to add this records besconsole? When i check on client computers logg in \BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData__Global everythinkg is ok