Asset Discovery unable to extract windows 8 OS

Hi, I am using IBM Endpoint Manager 9.2.5 software in my lab environment and I am using Nmap scan for finding unmanaged assets in my network and it is able to find all the ips are which are unmanaged. But it is unable to identify the exact OS and hostname of that IP address. It is displaying windows 7 instead of windows 8.1 OS and it is displaying windows 2008 instead of windows 2012. I have raised a PMR to support group on this and they mentioned that scan version can identify upto windows 7 and 2008 OS only is there any new version of Nmap scan which can identify windows 8 and windows 2012 OS also and if it there please tell me how to upgrade this scan.

NMAP is not designed to conclusively tell what OS the unmanaged endpoint is running. It does this mostly by guessing based upon what it sees from the interaction with the unmanaged device, unless the unmanaged device actually responds somehow with it’s actual version, which it shouldn’t.

It might be possible for a newer version of the NMAP scanner to do this, but it is also likely that it is not possible at all.

You can grab a newer copy of NMAP and put it into the scripts that the existing tasks run to see if it helps.

Basically, this is more of an NMAP problem than a BigFix problem, though I do think there are a lot of improvements that could be made into the NMAP / unmanaged assets scanning.

Thanks for your reply.

You can download the latest version of nmap here:

You can install it on a particular computer and use the GUI to do a scan of an endpoint you have having trouble identifying properly. See if you can try many different nmap scan options to get it to properly identify the unmanaged asset.