Are there any plans at IBM to improve the interactions between TRC and Bigfix?

We have a need to group machines in TRC using criterion other than the Endpoint’s Hostname. (Specifically to differentiate between machines with Auto Login enabled, aka Kiosks, and those where a user performs the login.)

It would be SO NICE to be able to use IEM to assist with this process. Are there any plans at IBM to extend this type of functionality to TRC?

So far all we’ve been able to find is the “GroupLabel” registry key, but according to what we have read in the documentation, modification of that key is pointless once the client has registered with the Server since it will be “discarded”. Apparently it needs to be set when the Client is initially installed.

Bigfix has such a powerful Agent, it seems a shame to not take better advantage of it in terms of configuration of the TRC clients.

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FWIW, after wrestling with moving TRC from a P2P installation to managed, all the while frustrated with the limits of its core functionality, we’ve abandoned TRC. We just purchased a best of breed product, and are rolling it out and dismantling TRC.


Hi Tim,
You are right about the GroupLabel option. The reason for this limitation is that we wanted to avoid anybody using this feature in a malicious way by modifying the key to re-register a target that may be allocated to a group with restrictive RC policies, into another group that has more permissive policies.
There are other options though that I think you may have discussed with our support teams. However, if you would like to describe the scenario in more detail, we may find a workaround that can resolve the situation for you. This could be a report that we can prepare for you to identify targets that need to be reassigned to a new group, or find a rule ip or hostname based that can perhaps help?


We are trying to split system into two groups.

  • Those that require a user to respond before a remote session is allowed.
  • Those that don’t.

The problem is that not all of the systems have a “naming convention”. Most systems already had the TMR client installed prior to the decision to use two groups.

For logistical reasons we want to avoid manually adding computers to groups and would like to automate as much as possible. I was hoping we could use Bigfix/IEM to automate the process.

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