Are all Microsoft updates available through TEM?

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Hello all. We’ve recently begun to use TEM for Patch Management. Lately, I’ve noticed that the total number of Windows updates available on my Windows 7 machine, doesn’t always match with number of updates that are relevant to my system in TEM. My question, does IBM release patches for every single Microsoft update? Or is TEM only concerned with security type patches? This month I have a few Office 2007 updates that I can’t find in TEM. They seem to be more functionality type fixes as opposed to security patches. I’ve attached a screenshot showing the Office Updates I don’t see in TEM (I circled them). Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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In general TEM provide most but not all the downloads you might see on Windows Update. We cover all the security bulletins (MSXX-XXX) like We also cover some stuff that isn’t in security bulletins (mostly security advisories, bugfixes that stem from the application of a security advisory, service packs, bugfixes that have large impacts, etc).

We also want to cover all of the other KB’s that Microsoft releases of course, but we try to prioritize the ones that have the most impact for most of our customers.