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i am completely new to mobile device management and here is my question.

What is the difference between “Recommend a List of Apps” and “Install a List of Apps” under Apps Management -> Recommended Apps iOS.

Do i need the IBM Endpoint Manager Mobile Client installed for both options?

The Reason why i am asking is because i imported several apps from the apple store (by entering the app store url) and want to deploy that apps, but “Applicable Computers” are always “0” although i can manage my own iPhone and already installed profiles like WiFi Settings …

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Stefan,

Yes. The IBM Mobile Client App is required to to the “Recommended Apps” (which is when the user opens the app and selects the app they want to install).

I think the Mobile Client app is not required for a “Install List of Apps” (which prompts the user to install the apps even if they didn’t open the Mobile Client). The “Install List” requires iOS5 or greater.


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Hi Ben,

thanks for the quick response and explanation.

I can see the following behaviour.

First of all you need to have Mobile Client installed!

Second, when i mark the option “Make App a managed App” i am not able to deploy this app by “Install a List of Apps” although my iOS is Version 6.0.0. An “unmanaged App” works fine.

Maybe thats a Problem with iOS6?

Kind regards

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Hmm… It should work for iOS5+…

Do you still have this issue?


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Hello Stefan,

in case if this question is still relevant 4 u

I tested to deploy the task which is generated by ‘Install a list of apps’

to a iOS6 device which only has the the IEM-profiles installed (but not the

IEM-app which hosts the recommended app-list) - it worked!

You simply need to need to remove this 'exists installed application whose (identifier of it as string contains “”) AND ’ from the task before it get’s created to get this task relevant for an iOS-device.

Doing so you can ask the user to install the IEM-app

via IEM :wink:

Hope this helps.

rgds., Berni