Applying Past Patches

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We are getting our feet wet in Patch Management. We started by making a Custom Copy of the Mar/Apr 2013 baselines and then editing out what didn’t apply to our environment. It worked well.

We want to know a best practice for applying patches/updates from previous baselines. Our concern is how to get patches/updates to new builds once they are connected to the network.

The other question we have concerns superseded patches. I have noticed on different baselines that the “source fixlet differs”. Does this mean that the original associated with the baseline has been replaced with the one that superseded it? If that is the case, does IBM regularly update all available baselines?

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hi refer to this as “Cumulative Patching”, and that ability has been a real hurdle in TEM because of the limitations of the number of fixlets in a baselne (<150 or so).

What we did to get around this is add all the relevant MS fixlets to numerous baselines (i think we have 35 baselines for this). Those baselines are placed into a custom site, and when the server needs to be patched, it’s placed into the custom site (where the baselines are already deployed and running for anything against the site). it’s works pretty well, however management of baselines continues to be a pain.