Application Report

I am using the built in property “installed application - windows” and exporting the report to a .csv using Web Reports. The report lists all the applications into 1 row (excel row 1b), is it possible to the applications listed in individual rows oppose to having them all listed in 1 row?


In web reports press, “Edit Columns” under the computers section and press the, “+” next to the name of your property. This will make a row for every single result of the property.

When you export it you should have the view you’re looking for!

Let me know if this isn’t what you’re looking for!


Thanks for the quick reply strawgate! The results of the property are listed in 1 cell in excel. Is there any way to have each result in a separate cell? I attached a screenshot of the current export.


The instructions I provided above will make a row for each installed application instead of putting it all in one cell.

Then when you export to CSV each application will have its own row.

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Thanks for the help!

What would the recommendation be for reporting on 1000+ machines? I’m not going to click the + sign on each one before I export the data…

Read the instructions from strawgate again. He’s clicking the ‘+’ on the property name when adding the column to the report, not the computer. It’s just choosing which properties to create a separate row and which to wrap in a single cell.

Yes I found a clearer explanation on another forum post thanks.