API: Post Multiple Action Group to Specific Site

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I’ve been developing code to maintain baselines and actions for automated patching of Linux systems, and it is mostly working well.

I figured out how to create and post a Multiple Action Group Action, but it always ends up in the operator site of the user I am using to log into the API.

I’ve been studying the XSD, and found I can add a CustomSite element. I added that, and it accepts it as valid XML, but ignores the content of the CustomSite element, leaving the Action in the operator’s site as before.

Here is a snippet of that XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>\n<BES xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="BES.xsd"><CustomSite><Name>Patch Management - Linux</Name></CustomSite><MultipleActionGroup><Title>TEST_DAILY_PROD</Title>...

So, any ideas how to get the MAG Action posted to a specific site?


I think you just need to use the “Sitename” element in the XML:


Does that go immediately under <BES>, or within some other element?

For background, actions are deployed to the actionsite, operator sites, or mailboxes. They are not deployed to Fixlet sites (external or custom).

Just as with the Console, where an action is generated/hosted will depend on the user issuing the action as well as the target of the action. With the API, the action’s issuer is based on the operator credentials used to authenticate to the API.

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OK. That explains a lot. It is confusing to me because the is an Actions folder within the custom site (and other sites too). Does it even matter where the Action is “hosted”?

The way I do it, I build a baseline and then schedule it as an action. So I have a SourcedFixletAction element within the BES element, then within that is the SourceFixlet, the FixletID (of the Baseline) and Sitename elements.

The XML in your original post is not showing properly so I can’t help with how yours should be formatted.

My XML is a Multiple Action Group that is 2227960 bytes long. posting it all I think is not practical.

I edited your first post to put code tags around the XML.

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