API for root BES server health

A customer has inquired about an API that would allow for “state of health” queries for the root BES server. Is this something that your organization’s BigFix or a customer’s BigFix instance has a need for? Do you have a similar use case? If so, please leave your thoughts on this thread and we may open a corresponding BigFix Idea.

Great suggestion from @JasonWalker and @menglish to create properties and pull via existing REST API calls.

Yes, this would be useful. Parsing /rd isn’t fun and isn’t a true representation of the state of the app.

The API call would probably respond when healthy. Lack of response would be a good indicator, at least for some types of problems.

Health indicator would be useful for web reports, FillDB, and other items too. I’ve had many dead-locks, for example, over the years where I’ve discovered it by computers in the console all graying out. Being able to get ahead of things like that proactively would be useful.

Something like a BES Helper 2.0 that could identify and alert MOs if anything is non-function for server services, or Relay service on a relay, or Client service on a client.

It would be important to be out of band, separate, from any of the normal services so that it could proper assess their health.