Anti-Virus uninstall utility

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Hello everyone,

We have an uninstall utility that we run when we run across some computers that are still running our old anti-virus software. The utility is called MVSUninst.exe, and it works for McAfee anti-virus products.

I have already configured a task that will run the utility (here is my action script):


continue if { (size of it = 123794 and sha1 of it = “d2c347a3f952f8d3577c5dcc353e50d5010e1e5b”) of file “big96.tmp” of folder “__Download”}

extract big96.tmp

wait __Download\MVSUninst.exe

action requires restart

The way this utility works, though, is it runs and does what it is supposed to do, but it pops up a message that says the computer needs to reboot, and to either click OK to reboot or CANCEL to reboot later. This is all part of the executable, and there isn’t any options for the program to not have it pop up that message.

My question to you fine folks is this:

“Can I put a line in my action statement that tells the computer to reboot after a certain time period, say 60 seconds or something, so that the program will run, and then the timer will finish and it will do it’s reboot thing automatically?”

I’m thinking that optimally, I would put the “reboot in 60 seconds” command after the extract of the tmp file, and before the wait line. Of course, I want that line in there, but I want it to run the utility while it’s doing it’s countdown run. Or, can I change the “wait” command to something like “reboot after” followed with the path to the uninstall utility?

If anyone has any thoughts on this, I would greatly appreciate it!


Mike Ellis


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Hi Mike,

You can issue a reboot with the command ‘restart x’ where x is the number of seconds to wait. However, generally utilizing the options on the post-action dialog is recommend over this method.

One option is to use a ‘pause while’ statement to watch for some event that you know doesn’t occur until the very end of the install process. Perhaps a registry key, or a particular file that gets removed. Optionally you could just make it strictly time based. Your action would look something like this:

run __Download\MVSUninst.exe // note, use run instead of wait

pause while {the uninstaller is doing stuff}

Then you would just set the reboot options on the post action tab. Search the forum for a few good pause while examples.

Another option is that we have a number of Fixlets that will remove McAfee and ePO silently as part of the BigFix AV site. If you have the site you can use those Fixlets or perhaps ask your sales rep for an eval :wink:


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Thanks, Jesse! I’ll change the action to run instead of wait and then see what I get.