Answering prompts in unattended installs - can't get around them

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I’ve got an uninstall written using the uninstallstring for Quickbooks Basic Edition 2003. This particular application won’t take a setup.iss as part of the uninstall so I’m using the uninstallstring as a last resort.

I there any way to automate the “yes” to uninstall and the “yes” to all files prompts that I get. I know there is always repackaging to uninstall but this apps isn’t in the same place twice…which is why the uninstallstring works so well.

Is there any goofy third party app that can supply the mouse clicks that I can take on the end of the job or soemething more professional out there.

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In the past when I just can’t get around a popup, and I’ve said every curse word I can think of, I have used AutoIT to automate the clicks. It’s free, and you can compile an AutoIT script to an exe. This allows you to push out the file, and start the little application, and then have it wait for one of those bad bad windows. I would recommend finding


way to get an uninstall to silently uninstall, but like you say, sometimes that just isn’t possible.


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That’s the app I’m looking at trying.

Just checking to see how you crazy kids handle these oddball situation.

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This utility does work unattended also…not with a user present right.

I’m compiling a script now to try…unattended. Hopefully it see’s the active windows.

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I’ve used VBScript’s ‘sendkeys’ to click buttons before. Timing can be tricky though.

I also like to check to see what others may have tried.


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I used the autoitscript software and generated the required clicks, etc. It waits for open windows meeting the description I provided and worked flawlessly actually.

I used it as a last resort as it was a poorly made uninstall supplied by the Intuit