Android - Locking down like guided/aupervsie mode in iOS

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has anybody successfully configured an andoid device so that all it can do is run one app. Similiar to supervise/guided setting in iOS.

If it can be done how is it done as I cannot see any configuration area with mdm.



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Hi Paul,

Most Android versions do not support this. I believe it is only available on limited Samsung phones that support SAFE. The feature from Samsung is called “Kiosk Mode”.


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What BenKus fails to mention is that this is available in the Samsung SAFE API, and widely available in other MDM products, but is not available in the IBM product at this time. See my post below about the woeful inadequacy of IBM’s features for the Android platform.


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For feature requests the best thing I find to use is the Tivoli Request For Enhancement (RFE) Process which can be found at For a direct link to the Tivoli RFE, go to

There you can submit and track the RFE. Also you can see other RFEs and vote for ones that you feel you would like to see.

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Hey Karn / Paul,

We released a bunch of new SAFE functionality a little while ago (including Kiosk mode). You should see the latest capabilities in the SAFE dashboard in the console.