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I set-up a TEM architecture with a internet relay. The android devices can only communicate through this internet relay due too customer needs, meaning that internal IP address can’t see both internet relay and TEM Server, and External IP address can see the internet relay.

The communication between the relay and the android device works fine when the android device is outside the office (in that case the Internal and External IP address are the same), but when the device is in the office (Internal and External IP address are different) it doesn’t work because it seems that TEM uses the internal IP address for communication.

In the console I can see that the “IP address” property is equal to “Android Internal IP Add”

How can I “force/set-up” TEM to use only the Android External IP ?


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Hi David,

I am a bit confused about what you mean by the internal and external IP addresses are the same…

Perhaps an easy way to do this is to set the agent to use its primary relay as the internal IP address and the secondary relay as the external IP address. By doing this, the agent will try the internal address and if it is unavailable, it will switch to the external address.

Hope that helps,


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Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’ll try to explain in another way

Due to customer specifications and security reasons, TEM server can’t be reached from internal IPs but only through the internet relay with a public FQDN.

Android devices have 2 IPs, one internal and one external.

  • When the device is outside the office, the internal and external Android IP are the same in the device (internal IP is in reality an external IP as the device is working through 3G or public-wifi)

In that case the Android device manage to reach the internet relay and the relay register an Android IP that can be reached by the relay when actions/fixlets are triggered from the console.

  • When the device is in the office, the internal and external Android IPs are different.

In that case the Android device manage to reach the internet relay, only through it’s external IP, BUT the relay register the internal Android IP in the TEM server instead of the Android external IP.

The impact is that we can’t take actions on the device because TEM is trying to send actions to Android’s internal IP which is not reachable.

I hope it’s clearer…

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If the issue is the action notifications, you should consider using the new Google Cloud Notifications released recently to avoid any issues with notifications (


In any case, you might consider using the primary/secondary relay approach above to make sure the Android Agent can connect to the best relay.


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The issue is solved after using the Google Cloud Notifications.