Android Battery: PowerSaveTimeout Parameters

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I’d like to confirm the meaning of the Android battry parameters in detail.


I cannot read accurate meaning of the pamaters in the Wiki,

so I created the next table.

The left parameter is applied when the device is right status.

connection status battery

PowerSaveTimeout0 connected charging full?

PowerSaveTimeout1 not connected not charging full?

PowerSaveTimeout2 connected charging high or normal

PowerSaveTimeout3 not connected not charging high or normal

PowerSaveTimeout4 connected charging low

PowerSaveTimeout5 not connected not charging low

Please let me know if there is any misunderstanding.

Thank you,

Eri Suzuki

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The table format is collapsed so I’m attaching the screen capture of it.

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Hi esuzuki,

These settings are posted for completeness, but in general, we wouldn’t expect you to need to change these yourself.