Android agent installation

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3 days before, i have installed “ibm mobile client” on my android. there wasn’t any problem but yesterday i uninstalled ibm mobile client and then reinstalled it. it didn’t ask me to enter tem server url. first it asked me to enter management extender url. as much as i know, android agent installation doesn’t require management extender. Also, when i write my tem server name to management extender space, the android device is appeared at the tem console but after 10 minutes, which is heartbeat time of my console, the android device appears as offline.

when i click the android mobile device from computers tab on the tem console, tem gives me an error which i have attached


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Hi gecimlic,

Starting in this release, the Android agent needs a management extender to enroll in the deployment. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing protected content like internal-use APKs or Wifi configurations.

However, if you type a IEM server or IEM relay URL in the Management Extender text box then the agent will still register with the deployment and appear in the IEM console but some privileged actions (e.g. Recommended Apps, Wifi profiles, etc) won’t be available/relevant for that device.