Analysis to pull Processors and their family

I want to create an analysis which should pull all processors. Since a machine can have multiple processors, this means that the family and vendor need to be associated with one another correctly.

This is what i am looking for.

A. Machines with single processors shows results like this


B. For machines that have more than one processor, these can be enumerated as a list separated by semi-colons as follows.


If memory serves me correct, in a multiple socket system each CPU needs to be of the same model, stepping, and speed since they have to communicate and stay in step with each other. Across the thousands of 2/4/8 socket servers I’ve managed over the years, I have never encountered a system that was purchased (or was allowed to be configured) using different CPUs. If you have such a system, I would love to learn more about it.

Regardless, here is the relevance you requested:

concatenation ";" of ((vendor name of it | "<unknown>") & "|" & (family name of it | "<unknown>")) of processors


Works perfect and as expected.
Thank you.