Analysis Properties

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After upgrading to version 6.0, I noticed that you can no longer select any of the default properties. I’ve been getting around this by cutting and pasting the actual relevance language from the manage properties window. Can this be added back into the program?

Here’s another vote for a more advanced method of creating automatic computer groups, too.

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Hi Shawn,

Could you clarify where you are trying select the default properties? Is this in analyses?

Do you have some specific features in mind for creating automatic computer groups? The more detail you could provide the easier it would be for us to meet your needs.


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Yes, creating a new analysis. You used to be able to select a property, where now you have to build it yourself with relevance language. I think it’s great to be able to have a custom property in an analysis, but miss being able to select one of the “prebuilt” ones too.

As for computer groups, I would like, for example to be able to select “starts with” instead of just “contains” on the computer name.

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I second the “starts with” request.

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don’t forget you can always add a custom relevance expression for automatic group definitions. This is a particularly simple one:

computer name as lowercase starts with “foo”

or a sightly more complicated example:

(it starts with “foo” OR it starts with “bar” OR (it starts with “baz” AND it ends with “bam”)) of (computer name as lowercase)

still a good request…

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don’t forget you can always add a custom relevance expression for automatic group definitions.

Ahhh! I see what you mean… I didn’t fully explore the computer groups feature of BES. Doh! I’m going to experiment with this and see what I can come up with.

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I go with Shawn. I think it is better to select already created properties and then put them in the analyses. The thing is that if I want a analyses of which adobe programs are installed I also perhaps want the username logged. Then I have to write the relevance for that in each analysis and then I end up with alot of “username propeties” in the properties dialog.

And I don’t see which of them belongs to which analysis.


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We didn’t intend for you to re-create the properties in each analysis. Instead, you can add the column heading to the analysis for existing properties as needed. You should only need to add new property definitions to each analysis, existing properties can be view as needed once the analysis is created.

Do this by opening the Analysis, giong to the Applicable Computers tab and then right-click on the column headings where is says ‘Computer Name’ and the other property names of the analysis. You’ll get a list of all you properties and you can put a check mark next to any you would like to view in the analysis.

This workflow is different then it was in 5.1 but you should be able to achieve the same results without duplicating existing properties. Sorry for the confusion between analysis authoring in 5.1 and 6.0.