Analysis or relevance to identify registered ActiveX control for Adobe Flash

I am trying to identify systems that may have the Adobe Flash ActiveX control not registered. I realize that I can simply re-register the .ocx file with a task but would like to highlight how many systems have this problem and if necessary run the fixlet again in the future as needed based on relevance. Is there a way to do this? I saw a promising ActiveX inventory in another post but it was from 2007 and did not work on my Windows 7 systems (although it did on my Windows 10 system).

@jgallas There are three references to “registry” near the end of the relevance. Try changing them to “native registry” to account for 32 vs 64 bit.

Thanks for replying itsmpro92!

The Windows 7 system I was running it against is 32-bit. Also the registry key it was referencing HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Code Store Database\Distribution Units doesn’t exist on Windows 7 but it does on Windows 10.

Googling around, I found a reference that Windows XP uses the key referenced in the Relevance, but Windows 7 does not. Perhaps someone else on the forum has had experience with this.

The below Microsoft article references the same registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Code Store Database\Distribution Units

But it does not exist on the system I am looking at or they changed it since 2009 when the article was written.