Analysis no longer applicable, but data still in database

How to reset a servers properties, so that properties no longer applicable to the server is removed.

I have some servers, where some of my analysis is no longer applicable, they have been removed from the console, but when I use Presentation Debugger or RESTAPI the properties still shows, as if they are still in the database.

I have tried to do a notify client ForceRefresh, but it didn’t change anything.

Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


This is a database/system problem, not a client one, so you can’t fix it via client action. Within the BESAdmin tool there are a number of Clean-up options. I have all of those scheduled and automatically executed on periodic bases so it’s been quite a while since I looked up what each of the options in it does, so can’t really tell you which one does it.

If you really insist on doing it on client side you can force the client to reset and report as a completely new machine that will remove any old/lingering data being linked to the computer record, although the data would still technically be in the database.