Amount of Baselines?

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I would like to know whats the best practice.

I in the history i remember someone telling me not to use to many baselines?

I rather seperate each OS, and OS from Office patches.

Which leads me to 6 Baselines, 2 relevent on each machine. One OS baseline and one Office.

And then i would like to have another one to handle som “problems” i have like uninstalling ms04-005 before running .net sp1.

So question is, is this best practice or not?

Best Regards // Fredrik

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If you are using “efficient mime” in 7.0+, you can fit more Fixlets into baselines… See

There is no stated best practice in terms of how to organize your baselines… I personally prefer making monthly patch baselines and deploying those and occasionally creating a yearly baseline to pick up the major updates.

Here is some discussion that might be helpful:


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Yes, when we upgraded to version 7 we installed a new server, so Marjan showed us this Mime setting. It is turned on and working good.

When you say monthly patch baselines, that sounds good, i usally have one Baseline per year, and monthly actions, and then i add the new fixlets every second month to the baseline, this is what i found easiest.

But then i shouldnt be afraid of having big Baselines like 100 fixlets. and having several Baselines.

// Fredrik

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Hey Fredrik,

Having Baselines with 100 Fixlets should be OK with efficient mime…