Alter WebReports csv output

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Is there any way to modify how analyses in Web Reports kick out thier respective CVS files? I find that many of my CSV outputs are very cluttered.

There is the option to do a “text to columns”, but this can be difficult to format properly in some cases, and shouldn’t be a secondary process, IMO.

I am curious how other companies handle these CSV outputs in situations like this.

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Have you played with the Excel Connector? It has such an option:


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Hello weberch,

I use the SOAP API whereby I can parse and filter the output into a single line-by-line output, where I can use unix to manipulate the data or import into an Excel sheet, or do comparisons. It’s not an easy thing to do if you are new to the API and special perms are needed to first be able to view ALL agent devices.

…but to answer your question, I just tried something in webreports I’ve not done before:

I filtered the data I wanted to see

Selected “printable version” , which then displays the result in a webpage

From the browser, select “save page as”

from Tools menu if using Chrome

A new window for saving the file opens and using default of file-type “web page complete”, save the file to {filename}.xls

The file then downloads to the download folder

The ‘xls’ file then can be open all nicely formatted…you may need to change the cell formatting to display the borders for each cell.

I’ve never used the Excel connector, but am sure it has lots of great features.

…hope this works out for you…

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That is a huge step in the right direction! The wbepage conversion looks to be closer to what my stakeholders are asking for. I tested it with one endpoint, so we will see how it handles 38.

We did try the excel connector, but are brining in more data than the cells can hold froma csv output. Your way works well, and I am going to present that. Thank you.