Allow "Operator Groups"

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It would make it much easier to group operators for delegation to machines. (As opposed to changing each one’s access and hope it stays the same).

One further, but much more intense integration would be to somehow tie BES into AD a little more. Allow AD users and AD groups to be assigned rights.


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Maybe a step in the right direction is allowing multiple operator selection (control-click) for “assign user management rights”


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Hey Rich,

These are good points and they are currently on our roadmap to do tighter user integration with AD.

In the meantime, you can consider assigning rights to multiple users by using another operator’s permissions. For instance, if you want Bob and Anne to have the same computer permissions, assign the computers to Bob, and then assign Anne to use the property “Client Administrators”=“Bob” (note that you will need to right-click on the “All Computers” tree to add the “Client Administrators” property).