ALL PCs reporting missing patches after patching last week

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Hi All,

I ran my patch cycle for the desktop environment last week and patched all critical patches released in April. Console / reporting showed successfull patching. I came in this morning and ALL the patches are showing relevant again and it looks like not a single PC was patched. I have spot checked several PCs and they have the patches which were released. I checked the action log and it looks like 98% successful, the baseline I used only shows a handful of PCs still missing patches. The baseline does not have any red source fixlet differs messages.

an update, I used the QNA tool and checked relevance on several patches and they are showing not relevant even though the console does.

What gives?? What should I be looking for?

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The first thing I would do is clear the console cache and check another console to see if it shows the same thing. Also, dig through the most recent client logs on a pc that shows it needs the patch. Does the log show it needs the patch or just the console.

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Thanks for the advice, we have one server running the console and the folks who patch rdp into it, I kicked off the other members and then cleared the cache on my session and restarted, it got the number down quite a bit but it is still higher than it was after patching last week. I have also restarted the services on the main server and have run diagnostics.