All Computers requiring a certain patch from Microsoft

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Specifically I would like to generate a report with the “Computer Name”, “OS”, & “Minor Location by IP Range” of all computers that still need the MS07-009 patch. Since our Console is subscribed to all the different language versions of Windows and there’s a patch for both 2000 and XP there are 30+ Fixlets whose names starts with “MS07-009”. I tried jessewk’s suggestion below from but the results contained computers that were not even Windows machines. I’m guessing this would be done in Custom Reports which I do not have any experience with yet.

From jessewk:

In Web Reports:

  1. Choose ‘Create’ from the top navigation bar.

  2. Choose ‘Computer Properties Report’ and click next.

  3. Use the top 3 boxes to choose how the results are organized. You would chose your group property.

  4. Use the bottom box to select any properties you would like to appear as columns.

  5. Check the box at the bottom ‘Show relevant Fixlets’

  6. (optional) apply a filter to remove fixlets you don’t care about. For example, apply a filter that shows only fixlets from Enterprise Security.

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You should be able to use the above method.

You’ll want to select “Computer Name”, “OS”, & “Minor Location by IP Range” for step 4.

You’ll want to create and apply a filter that shows only MS07-009 Fixlets, and only XP and 2000 machines in step 6.

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I’m still confused on the output of this report. I filtered for the 89 Fixlets we have for MS07-009. It looks like every client is showing up on the report under the various 89 Fixlets, even the OSX machines. I don’t understand why the OSX machines would show mixed in with the Windows machines. The XP patch for MS07-009 shows 2000, 2003, & OSX machines under it. In the end I would like one report that shows all the computers that have any 1 of the MS07-009 patches relevant for it. Computers that have had the patch applied or none of the MS07-009 Fixlets are relevant on it I do not what on the report.

P.S. I’m using Web Reports Version In Step 5 the only options are “Hide individual computers”, “Include relevant Fixlets”, “Include remediated Fixlets”, “Hide individual Fixlets”. I’ve been using the option “Include relevant Fixlets” which I’m assuming would do the same as “Show Relevant Fixlets”

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It sounds like the filters are not getting applied correctly. Can you please post a screen shot of the top of the report showing which filters are applied, and also a screen shot from the page after clicking the ‘edit filter’ button at the top of the page?

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Looks like it was user error. I was reading the report as if it were organized by fixlet instead of by computer name. The report shows every computer regardless of if it has a relevant MS07-009 fixlet or not. If it does have one relevant it shows it beneath the computer name followed by a blank line.

I still would like a report that shows only computers where one of the MS07-009 fixlets are relevant and not the other ~85% of computers. Something like the following format:

Computer Name, Specific Relevant MS07-009 Fixlet, OS, Minor Location by IP

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You should be able to use the filters to remove the unwanted machines and fixlets from your report. If you could post the screen shots I noted above I think we can find a solution for you.


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Attached is a zip file with the requested screenshots. The included fixlets list runs off the bottom of the screen because there is so many but otherwise it is the same. Thank you for your time and help.

Edit: I can only seem to upload one attachment at a time and I can’t seem to upload zip files even if I rename the extension to “piz” or “GIF”. The Zip file was 240K. I’m uploading the shots in individual posts.

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Edit Filter

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Configure Report