AIXDownloadcacher.exe -- Does not work -- how to?

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Hi all,

I have installed Tivoli endpoint Manager 8.1, and AIX Patch Management,

I’m trying the aixdowloadcacher, with the task from the console, and also manually, but it does not work, from the server and from my laptop.

From the TEM server, if I will specify a proxy without authorization, I obtained an error because the tool tried the syntax, and could not work.

From my laptop,

C:\2011>AIXDownloadCacher.exe c:\temp ACTIVE 6100-06-02-1044

Thu Mar 10 11:33:13 2011


Thu Mar 10 11:33:13 2011

Specified Packes: 6100-06-02-1044

Thu Mar 10 11:33:28 2011

==> Start working on 6100-06-02-1044

Thu Mar 10 11:34:07 2011

Skipping download of 6100-06-02-1044 while connecting to ftp server: Invalid argument

In PASSIVE mode I obtained the same

6100-06-02-1044 exists on…com/support/fixcentral

Something changed in FTP IBM sites and AIXdownloadCacher is not updated ?

Thanks …


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This issue could be caused by your proxy settings or the FTP IBM sites. We will look into this. Here is the manual workaround.

  1. Download BFArchive.exe

  1. Download all filesets that belong to a fix pack (i.e.: 6100-03-06) to a folder (i.e. C:\AIXFilesetsFolder\6100-03-06 ) on your filesystem manually. You can use “Download Director” from AIX fix central for this. Make sure “AIXFilesetsFolder” folder contains only one sub-folder “6100-03-06”.

  1. run the below command:

BFArchive- -a C:\AIXFilesetsFolder C:\6100-03-06.aix

(Modified to reflect the correct folder structure)

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Thanks a lot for your workaround.

Me too I will verify for network issues on my site.