AIX Upgrade from 6.1 to 7.1

Can I upgrate AIX from 6.1 to 7.1 from bigfix console. I have done TL and SL update successfully but haven’t tried OS upgrade for AIX. If anyone has done this please share your experience.

Major OS updates are not currently supported from within the BigFix / IEM console. However, there are planned enhancements to the NIM management dashboards that will include major OS updates within a NIM environment. We hope to have these enhancements released before the end of 2015, assuming that no higher priority items shove it off of the road map.

Thank you Jacob for quick reply!

Has there been an status change on the ability to do a major OS update for AIX with Bigfix, or is it still not possible?

@Aram would you be able to weigh-in here?

@cmcannady - do you use Bigfix at all for AIX OS update, or is it strictly manual.

@mbartosh, when I was a customer, the AIX OS updates were performed via custom content. I’ve posted your question on my team’s Teams chat, and got the following response from @garyl.

Still not possible. we only deliver SP/TL within the same release.
I guess we could do something custom with NIM

I don’t see any BigFix Ideas (aka RFE) for this topic, so I’d recommend logging one at your convenience.

Ok, then you were using Bigfix to perform your OS upgrades, but you just had to build it yourself. Has anything been posted regarding how to do that?

I assume then that OS upgrades for AIX have an unattended command-line.