AIX SP upgrade via NFS


I am trying to update an AIX server via NFS (Take Action -> Click here deploy this update via NFS mount). It fails at this step;

continue if { (((parenthesized part 1 of it & parenthesized part 2 of it & (if (it = “CSP”) then “99” else it) of parenthesized part 3 of it) of match (regex “([0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9])-([0-9][0-9])-([0-9][0-9]|CSP)”) of it) as integer) of ((if (exists file it whose (exists line 2 of it)) then (line 2 of file it) else “9999-99-99”) of ((pathname of (parent folder of client folder of current site)) & “/__OSLevel/oslevel.txt”) as string ) >= 71000307 }

if { exists file ("/var/adm/ras/install_all_updates_" & parameter “FixPack” of action & “.log”) whose ( exists line whose( it contains “should reboot” OR it contains “must restart” OR it contains “system reboot”) of it ) }

I removed install_all_updates files it did not work, no idea about the “continue if” part.


I think it checks the oslevel after installation, probably means some fileset not installed to the expected level. You may want to check the installation log for specific cause.

@mkemalm we are facing the exact same issue while using NFS.

@qiaozy We installed all the specific filesets needed and we even checked the log which specifies failure of installation.

Kindly provide us a solution for this if possible.


@raumohit_10, usually the installation log will indicate which fileset was not installed successfully.
Alternatively, you can check which fileset is not up to the expected os level by running command: oslevel -sl 7200-XX-XX-XXXX