AIX patching issues

Hi all,

Still working through the AIX patching and I am not sure if this is an issue with the environment I am in or is just not working on AIX 7.1.

The two main issues I am having right now are:

  1. The analysis “AIX OS Level” is failing when using the “current service pack of operating system as string” with the message “Singular expression refers to nonexistent object.” If I use “service pack of operating system as string”, I get the return of the first service pack installed. If I add the “s” to “packs” I see them all listed (as expected). It seems that the “current” does not work. If there is someone else out there with AIX 7.1, could you see if the analysis works correctly for you?
  2. I am trying to apply “Recommended Service Pack 7100-03-04” and it will always fail at the check to verify that the patch installed (4th last command). When I look at the patch log I see that there are requisite failures. When I ask the AIX person, he says they should not be needed. Here is what the log states

MISSING REQUISITES: The following filesets are required by one or more
of the selected filesets listed above. They are not currently installed
and could not be found on the installation media.

bos.perf.pmaix                    # Base Level Fileset
bos.rte.ILS                       # Base Level Fileset
bos.rte.libcfg                    # Base Level Fileset
devices.pciex.2514300014108c03.rte # Fileset Update
devices.pciex.251430001410a303.rte # Fileset Update
devices.pciex.2514310025140100.rte # Fileset Update
devices.pciex.a219100714100904.rte # Base Level Fileset
devices.pciex.a219100714100a04.rte # Base Level Fileset
devices.pciex.a21910071410d103.rte # Base Level Fileset
devices.pciex.a2191007df1033e7.rte # Base Level Fileset
devices.tty.rte                   # Base Level Fileset

GROUP REQUISITES: The dependencies of one or more of the selected filesets
listed above are defined by a group requisite. A group requisite must pass
a specified number of requisite tests. The following describe group
requisite failures for filesets that you selected. (See the “Requisite
Failure Key” below for details of group member failures.)

At least 1 of the following:
| At least 2 of the following:
| | At least 1 of the following:
| | | * vwpar.common.rte
| | | * vwpar.52.rte
| | * bos.rte v<6
| At least 1 of the following:
| | ~ clic.rte.kernext

Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Martin,

I’m not sure if the issue’s still valid. Above seems to me a issue when the agent version is below 8.2 where os level inspector is not available. You have to run determine OS level task on a pre 8.2 agent client to gather the information of os level.

While the second issue, currently base os level fileset is not available from download plugin. You have to manually install in from base install media and then you can apply the fix pack.

Xin Qu

Hi Xin,

This was for a while ago and may no longer be an issue as there have been quite a few updates to the AIX patching methods. I am not even sure if I got this resolved or not.

I do know for sure that we were on at least version 9.1 at the time.

I do plan to get back to the AIX patching soon, so I guess I will know in the next month or so.