AIX Licensing and Signature Files

Hi All,

Am working on confirming my AIX licensing in my environment and am finding duplicate entries in my reporting as two different signature file locations are being picked up and I am not sure which might be the legitimate file location other than the ‘details’ showing detection date (on attached screenshot).


I am under the assumption I can either suppress one of the two line items while classifying or just clean up the directory (assuming one is invalid).

Just looking for input/advice on what to do here.


You’re correct in that assumption. Check out the documentation here.

After the update of the scanner, the number of software components discovered on AIX increased and some duplicates appeared.

Previously, the /usr/lpp directory was excluded from software scans. However, components whose signatures existed only in this directory were not discovered. Thus, starting from scanner version, the /usr/lpp directory was included in software scans. It caused that more components are discovered and displayed on the reports. However, components installed in the /usr/lpp might also be discovered in other directories. In such case, duplicate components appear on the reports. To solve the problem, suppress the duplicates. For more information, see: Excluding and suppressing software instances.. You can also create a custom rule that suppresses components that are discovered in /usr/lpp and other directories. For more information, see: Creating and managing custom rules.


Perfect. Thank you! (Am learning every day here)

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: .