AIX Client won't Subscribe to Patches for AIX

(imported topic written by Scott_Martin)

Running IEM 9.1.1082. Trying to get patching working for AIX clients. I added the Patching Support and Patches for AIX external sites as instructed in the documentation. I successfully installed and configured the AIX download plugin version I installed the AIX client on an AIX server. The server DOES appear in the Computers folder under All Content. However, it will not appear in the Subscribed Computers section of Patches for AIX. I’m not sure what needs to be done to troubleshoot this. The only possible anomaly here is that the server is running AIX 5.3 and is therefore running the 9.0.835.0 client, due to the fact that the 9.1 client does not run on AIX 5.3. Any help would be appreciated. I’m stuck!