After installing Bigfix agent clinet is showing Wrong OS version(Windows 10 is showing windows 8 ))


In my orginaztion we are facing some problems after installing windows 10 , it is showing windows 8 .

My bigfix server version is

Please help me

Are you using Anniversary Update or Creators Update?

9.2 Agent does not support Anniversary Update or later of Windows 10.
Following is a snapshot from IBM Products

You need to upgrade your Agent to 9.5.3 or later.

We are facing problems for few systems .Rest of other are showing perfect. If there is version problem then this problem should come for other clients also.right?

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Due to the way Microsoft changed some internal functionality in Windows 8/2012 or later, the client had to make a change in how it determined the OS. If you don’t have the correct version of the client, you always get Windows 8 so this is expected. The 9.5.3 version is required for the Anniversary update or later of Windows 10 and should still work on your 9.2 server.