After deploying a yearly renewed masthead, how to see on client if all was ok?


a customer got the message that his license was getting overdue.
I had him follow the renewal procedure.
After the renewal, the description tells to open the Bigfix Administration Tool and to click the “OK” button on the “Masthead Management” tab.

All this went fine.

Now the customer asks me if he can see on the “client” if the procedure was ok.
But I suppose as the license is for the server, there will be no change on the client by which he can see that it went fine ?

Is this correct ?

Thanks in advance.
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The license is indeed for the server, no visible impact on the clients normally.

Thanks very much for your response !!

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If renewing the client results in a new masthead, then that would be reflected on the clients. Not sure if that is the case or not.