Advice on memory for BigFix

Hi All,

I was reading the BigFix Capacity Implementation for a BigFix migration we are currently planning to a new vmware infrastructure.

We manage around 6000 servers witn BigFix and based on that we noticed that 16GB is recommended:

However, were are planning to chose 64GB of RAM because BigFix Server will have the DB2 database, WebServer Report and Server Automation.

Please, could you tell me if you have a similar infrastructure?



I would trend to agree with over estimating CPU cores and RAM, especially if you’re going to be co-locating BES and DB2 services. Also, it’s important to configure DB2 too limit the total amount if RAM it can consume.

Another suggestion is to setup regular NMON snapshots to a daily log file so that you can track CPU, memory and storage attributes of your root BES server over time.

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  • Are you going to use a VM for the bigfix root server?
  • Do you mean 64GB divided among many VMs? or a single VM?
  • Or is the bigfix root server going to be physical?

If your bigfix root server is going to be a VM, then you can always increase the RAM later.

In my experience, Storage IOPS is the biggest bottleneck in BigFix Root Server performance, for the DB as well as FillDB. Having enough RAM and CPU definitely matters, but it tends to be more easily addressed than storage performance.

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