Additional question concerning PAUSE WHILE in a action

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I referenced information from the following thread concerning how to pause within a action script:

I was trying to test with the following:

parameter “startClock”="{now}"

wait notepad.exe

pause while “{(now - (parameter “startClock” as time) < 30*second)}”

wait notepad.exe

pause while “{(now - (parameter “startClock” as time) < 30*second)}”

wait excel.exe

I will be using this action to execute some other actions, but just wanted to get a framework down. When executed on a machine, one session of notepad launches and then nothing.

The Besclient log has the following:

At 16:04:31 -0500 - actionsite (http://bfisgdev1:49998/cgi-bin/bfgather.exe/actionsite)

Relevant - Pause - Rob Test (fixlet:12619)

Relevant - Status of Action 12619 (fixlet:2147496267)

At 16:04:32 -0500 -

ActionLogMessage: (action 12619 ) starting action

At 16:04:33 -0500 - CustomSite_ISGPatchManagement (http://bfisgdev1:49998/cgi-bin/bfgather.exe/CustomSite_ISGPatchManagement)

Command succeeded parameter “startClock”=“Fri, 01 Feb 2008 16:04:33 -0500” (fixlet 12619)

At 16:11:16 -0500 - actionsite (http://bfisgdev1:49998/cgi-bin/bfgather.exe/actionsite)

Not Relevant - Pause - Rob Test (fixlet:12619)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Rob,

Because you are using “wait”, you actionscript won’t continue until you close the notepad window. Did you want to use “run” instead?

Also, you probably want to change your second pausewhile to something like 60 seconds (otherwise 30 seconds would have already elapsed).


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Hi Ben,

I guess using notepad.exe was a bad example. I replaced it with another .exe and it worked fine.

Thanks for all your help!