Additional Ideas to Get "Member Of" AD Information (Auto Software install)

We are currently looking into implementing an API for Service now. However, this is probably a year down the road before implementation.
However, my team had an idea to query from AD. I advise that per my knowledge, Bigfix works around the endpoint not the user information.

Base on what Im reading here is partially true. but it needs to be pre-cache. And when I was looking at the file not all information is pre-cache.

has any of you attempted something like this?
a Different approach besides running a PowerShell Script that will query the end user and then write to the Regisitry to some custom keys so it relevant to BigFix

What we are trying to do:
We want to auto install the applications that they have access to.

Not sure if there is already an API for this or some directions would be greatly appreciated.

BigFix has access to the OU of the current user, it caches it. You can auto install software based upon OU or userid. BigFix also has the OU of the computer.

I don’t think BigFix caches the security groups of the current user, but you could query them yourself with a bigfix action and then write it to the registry or file or similar.

You can definitely do things in bigfix based upon the assigned user / “owner” or even the current user. This is pretty common.

I make extra “offers” available for troubleshooting if the currently logged in user is an Administrator or if they are in an IT Support OU.