Adding trusted intranet sites on user's computers

Is it possible to use BigFix to add a URL to the trusted local intranet sites in internet options in Internet Explorer on a per-user level (or to the machine so that all users get them)?

Thank you for any suggestions.


Trusted sites are stored in the registry, so you can just use the “regset” command in your actionscript for the sites you want to add.

Here are some links about the particular key:

And if you need info about the regset command, has links to the documentation.

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Just make sure you get the correct user key into the HKEY_USERS hive


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You can set it using Local GPO so that it effects all users. This is the best option to manipulate the HKEY_USERS hive.

If you can set this through HKLM then this would be easier, but then users couldn’t change it.

I definitely created a task that did exactly this a long time ago. I don’t have it handy anymore.