Adding a Post Installation Script to a Software Distribution Task

Hello House,

I want to distribute and Install TrendMicro Agents with BigFix.

How can I include the following scripts during the installation?

1. /opt/ds_agent/dsa_control -r
2. /opt/ds_agent/dsa_control -a dsm://

Thank you!

If it’s done at the end of the fixlet you could do somethig like this…

// Adding a wait
parameter "startTime"="{now}"
pause while { (now-time(parameter "startTime") < 180*second) }

wait /opt/ds_agent/dsa_control -r
wait /opt/ds_agent/dsa_control -a dsm://
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If you are using the Manage Software Distribution dashboard to create your packages and tasks there is an option to include pre and post installation commands. The screenshots need to be updated here but the general flow is still accurate:

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I was able to deploy the agents successfully using this script