Add "Last Report Time" to analysis

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I currently have an analysis that checks certain information on some clients. One thing I wanted to add was “last report time” to the analysis output. I’ve been playing around in the relevance debugger but cannot get a working statement together. I thought something like

value of last report time of client


last report time of client

would return information in the debugger, but no luck.

Any ideas?

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Hey SteveC,

The easiest thing to do would be to right-click on the analysis property headings and just add “Last Report Time” as a column… If you really want to make another last report time property, I can give you the relevance (it is a bit funky because it tries to correct for certain clock issues and it will report in GMT time), but hopefully the right click addition is easier.


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Thanks Ben. I didn’t think I could right click add it. I’ve gone ahead and done that.


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I’d like that relevance please… trying to establish how many of the PCs still relevant for a fixlet actually have not reported for a while and as such are not my problem (at that time)… Last report time > 10 days for instance could help me exclude them from “applicable computers” and separate wheat from chaff… Thanks !

(imported comment written by BenKus)

Hey deschodt,

Well since the last report time is evaluated on the agent (and the relevance is simply the current time of the day), this property would always report “True” because at the time the agent reported, it would always be in the last 10 days.

What you can do instead is use the last report time property in the filter tree at the left of “Applicable Computers” of any Fixlet. You can then select time ranges for the last report time (you can CTRL click to select them) so you can see the results… Alternately just sort by the “Last Report Time” column, which might be easier.