Add Computer custom note on BigFix Inventory 10


Is it possible to add custom fields to computer section on WEB Inventory UI?

A Customer ask to me the possibility to add notes related a computers activities on WEB Inventory ui.


Giorgio, can you provide more details about the use case?

Custom properties can be added in BigFix for the endpoints and then can be imported as computer properties into BFI.

Hi Ssakunala,

I had already thought about the possibility of adding one or more properties in BigFix and then importing them into the inventory but the Customer does not like the proposal who would instead the possibility of adding notes directly from the web inventory ui inherent to activities done or to be done on inventoried servers

Hi Giorgio,
There is no such current capability in BFI. Please submit an idea in the HCL idea portal for the Offering team to review the use case.

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Hi Ssakunala,
thank you, I took your advice and submitted it.