Active Scans Question

For starters we have a high concentration of VM in our environment. Let’s say 90%. I’m getting reports from our VMWare admins of high CPU usage on the hosts which is basically grinding things to a halt and they’re asking me if it could be BigFix. Typically when it happens, the hosts max out at CPU usage for roughly an hour and then things calm down. I’ve looked through what I know, and I’m not seeing active scheduled scans, but I’m still new to this. Can anyone suggest where to look or what it might be? Is there a way to set the times of scans?


Are you running Initiate Software Scan on the endpoints. If yes then you need to set the cpu threshold which will restrict the scanner to consume high CPU.
CPU threshold can be set from the description of the fixlet.

I thought I knew where to look for this, but apparently I was wrong. Can you tell me where to look to check?

Never mind, I found the area where Initiate Software Scan should be (Sites > IBM BigFix Inventory v9 > Fixlets and Tasks), but it’s not there.

Go through the below link it will guide you how to set the threshold:-

I’d recommend taking a look at the client log during the high cpu utilization time span and see if you can identify something running, a bunch of newly relevant fixlets, or anything else.

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Thanks Manish. That’s basically what I found yesterday except for 9.5.5, but either way Initiate Software Scan isn’t in there. Not sure why. I’ll assume it’s something I need to enable elsewhere? I really appreciate your responses and help, by the way.

Thanks strawgate. From what we’re seeing though is the vSphere hosts CPUs maxed out that runs our VDI environment which in turn makes the VMs unable to function. But I’ll certainly take a look and see if I can find any helpful info there.