Actionscript - Download vs precache

When creating fixlets for software installs, prefetch is often used when the installation file is defined with size and hash value.

I know that simply “download” does work. It seems to be especially valuable for files that change and automation isn’t in place to keep a fixlet/task/baseline updated accordingly. Tat said, I have been curious if that has potential negative impacts such as:

  1. Does the file re-download every single time an action is called?
  2. If I apply a fixlet with a “download” to say, 2000 clients, does the master server download 2000 servers or just once for the action?
  3. Is there a concern if I have two open actions but the file changed in between open actions?
  4. Does the master server cache get filled up with duplicate downloads?
  5. Please share any thoughts / experience on this.

If the download needs to be dynamic but you still have its size and hash value, you can use add prefetch item in a prefetch block… it allows relevance substitution in its arguments and sidesteps the possibility of all the issues you mentioned.


Download uses the relay system
Download Now goes direct