Action won't restart some servers

I’ve created a baseline of MS security patches.
I took an action for this baseline to run on bulk servers with post action to restart servers when job finish.
More than 85% of servers restarted but the rest were not restarted.
I cannot understand the reason for some servers not able to restart.
In one of the servers I found log below regarding restart:

At 19:51:41 +0300 - BES Support (
** Relevant - Restart Needed - Triggered by a BES Action (fixlet:390)**
** Fixed - Restart Needed - Not Triggered by a BES Action (fixlet:391)**

I see the 3rd line says “Not Triggered by BES Action…” does it means that this is the reason for not restarting the server.
And if so, what is the reason for not triggering restart on an action that has Post action for restarting?

The log items presented would mean that you had a restart pending that was from something that BigFix did not initiate. You then ran an action that added more restart pendings but as this was done via a BigFix action, the “blame” for the restart is now shown through the other fixlet.

Basically the fixlets look for indicators that a restart is pending, then depending on if there are indicators that a BigFix action did the work, or something external did, the appropriate fixlet becomes relevant.

were any of your servers that didn’t reboot Windows 2012 / Win2016 Core edition? If so, there is a bug in 9.5.x where Core servers don’t reboot if there is a user logged on (console or rdp).

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I’ve also seen issues where full-GUI systems fail to reboot if there are logged-on, but disconnected, RDP sessions. I believe this may be the same cause as Core editions - the BES Client is trying to start the pop-up GUI to warn the logged-on user about the reboot, cannot display the GUI, and does not continue the reboot.

Once in this state, if a user logs on or reconnects later, the system immediately restarts.

I saw a client setting here in the forum a while back that can be applied to force the reboot without opening the client UI. I’ll see if I can find it.

Edit: found it …

Hi thank you for reply,
the 2 servers I randomly checked are 2012 R2 Full edition, NOT Core edition.

Thank you for your reply.
when you mentioning it I recall that maybe the issue occurs because 2012 and above have the UAC issue and the message cannot be prompted to user because of UAC.

Thank you for reply.
so what you saying is that seems like I had pending restart status before I took the new action and till the previous restart were not performed, the new task won’t restart the servers with new action?