Action Unlock

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We have some of our PC’s set to a locked state so nothing gets pushed to them by accident. I was looking at the action lock and unlock commands to see if I could unlock the PC’s, run my actions, and lock the PC’s back when the task was done.

Something like this…

action unlock "{now}"
run something
action lock indefinite "{now}"

I can lock a PC just fine but when I try to run the action unlock command it tells me the PC is locked. Should that work does the unlock work differently?



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Hey Greg,

I believe the client can only run one lock/unlock per action and it has to the be first (or last) line of the action. I pretty sure you can’t do what you are looking to do.

Basically, the locking system doesn’t support user exemptions. You can’t tell it to be locked for everyone else and just run my actions. Computers are either locked or not, if you want them to run your actions you are supposed to unlock them.

There is one possible way to get around this. Some Fixlet sites can be except and their actions run on locked computers (like the BES Support site). See the ‘edit masthead’ option in BES Admin for Lock Exemptions.

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Thanks Tyler.

Thats kinda what I thought to after reading a bit on it. Its not a big deal for us to unlock PCs when we need to push. Thanks as always for the info.