Action status "Transcoding error"

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Dear all,

Do you know please what means ‘Transcoding error’ action status??

And how resolve this issue??

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That’s a pretty weird one I think. When and how does this happen? Only on particular fixlets?

We can do some diagnostics here but this one might need to go to support.

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I’m getting this error on a few clients as well. It seems very odd. In the summary I see “The action failed transcoding from the deployment codepage.” but the error status is “Transcoding error”

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This error indicates an error occurred while trying to transcode data across codepages. IEM currently supports deployments that are all running in the same codepage, so likely the endpoints that are failing are in a different codepage than the server. Look for any filenames in the action that might be codepage specific (special or accent characters), or if relevance substitution might evaluate to something that contains unique characters. Gathering a client diagnostics to review the logs should provide a bit more detail.

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I found out that this error reached on one of my Aix IEM clients was due to a missing codepage data file icudt49b.dat, no matter what good the rest of client deployment it is, apparently all is working well, but when you try to make any task, fixlets and so on from IEM Console versus this IEM client you will get a “transcoding error” status.

For me was very usefull to logs shown in the IEM client Log file, here is a piece of good working scenario log file generated during IEM agent start up.

ICU data directory: ‘/var/opt/BESClient’

ICU deployment character set: ISO_8859-1:1987

ICU local character set: ISO_8859-1:1987

ICU transcoding between deployment and local character sets: DISABLED

In case of IEM client do not find your own ICU datafile it end up using the OS default code page( in my case 7-bits ASCII C), and the problems arise

if local character set and deployment character set are different.

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